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Fall 2023 - Spring 2024 Classes
Session Dates
Sept 5, 2023 - May 23, 2024


2024-2025 Enrollment will open in mid-June!

Click here for Class Descriptions, Dancewear and Shoe Requirements

Visit our FAQ Page for more info on Tuition, Fees, etc.

Recital Week will be June 3rd-8th, 2024
(please mark your calendars now!)

Upon enrollment into a class you will be charged May 2024 tuition in advance and the annual registration/administrative fee of $50 per family. 

Some classes fill very quickly! If your desired class is full, PLEASE add your student to the wait list. Students on the wait list will be offered spots in the order in which they are placed onto the list (with priority being given to students who are not currently enrolled in any classes) and we do sometimes get openings! To add your dancer to the waitlist, choose to see classes that are full in the parent portal and you will be able to add them to the list!


4:15-5:05pm - Pre-K Combo (ages 4-5) Miss Ciera CLASS IS FULL!

4:15-5:05pm - Hip Hop (Beg/Int) 3rd-5th grade (ages 8-11) Miss Lauren CLASS IS FULL!

5:05-5:55pm - Tap (Beg/Int) 4th-6th grade (ages 9-12) Miss Stephanie CLASS IS FULL!

5:10-6:00pm - Kinder Combo (ages 5-6) Miss Lauren CLASS IS FULL!

5:10-6:00pm - Jazz (Beg/Int) 1st-2nd grade (ages 6-8) Miss Ciera CLASS IS FULL!

7:05-8:05pm - Musical Theatre (Int) 6th-8th grade (ages 11-14) Miss Ciera CLASS IS FULL!

8:10-9:05pm - Lyrical/Contemporary (Beg/Int) 6th-8th grade (ages 11-14) Miss Ciera CLASS IS FULL!


1:30-2:15pm - Fairytale Dance (ages 3-4) Miss Lauren

4:15-5:20pm - Jazz/Tap Combo (Beg/Int) 1st-2nd grade (ages 6-8) Miss Stephanie CLASS IS FULL!

4:25-5:15pm - Hip Hop (Beg/Int) 1st-2nd grade (ages 6-8) Miss Anne CLASS IS FULL!

5:25-6:15pm - Kinder Combo (ages 5-6) Miss Lauren CLASS IS FULL!

6:20-7:10pm - Jazz (Beg/Int) 3rd-5th grade (ages 8-11) Miss Lauren CLASS IS FULL!

8:15-9:05pm - Tap (Int/Adv) 7th-9th grade (ages 12-15) Miss Anne CLASS IS FULL!


2:00-2:45pm - Fairytale Dance (ages 3-4) Miss Brittany 

7:30-8:20pm - Lyrical/Contemporary (Beg/Int) 3rd-5th grade (ages 8-11) Miss Brittany CLASS IS FULL!


7:50-8:40pm - Ballet (Beg/Int) 3rd-5th grade (ages 8-11) Miss Kelly CLASS IS FULL!


4:15-5:05pm - Lyrical/Contemporary (Beg/Int) 3rd-5th grade (ages 8-11) Miss Heidi CLASS IS FULL!

4:20-5:20pm - Ballet (Beg/Int) 1st-2nd grade (ages 6-8) Miss Kelly CLASS IS FULL!

5:10-6:00pm - Musical Theatre Dance (Beg/Int) 1st-3rd grade (ages 6-9) Miss Heidi CLASS IS FULL!

5:10-6:00pm - Musical Theatre Dance (Int) 4th-6th grade (ages 9-12) Miss Stephanie CLASS IS FULL!

6:05-6:55pm - Musical Theatre Dance (Int./Adv.) 7th-9th grade (ages 12-15) Miss Stephanie CLASS IS FULL!

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