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Sunshine Dance Company


Dance is an art form. It is a way to express yourself, and share emotion with others. Sunshine Dance Company members are given the opportunity to not only experience the artistry of dance but to combine this with intense technical training. In present day dance competitions we often see that dance has evolved into a competitive sport that is solely focused on tricks rather than technique and artistry. At the Sunshine Dance Company, we strive to combine all of these elements together. We value our fun and joyous “Sunshine” spirit, but we also make our commitment to dance a priority in order to gain the quality technique that helps our dancer's succeed. Thus, our Sunshine Dance Company mantra: 

“Combining artistry, passion, and joy with the commitment and focus of competitive sports.” 

Participants on our team will experience the benefits one learns from training in the arts while also experiencing the camaraderie of participating in a team sport. 

Company members audition each year in early June. Throughout the year Company members take weekly technique classes, rehearse, and perform at a variety of competitions/conventions and community events. If you would like more information about the Sunshine Dance Company please contact the Owner of Sunshine Dance, Jared Titus, directly at

Company Divisions


The Sunshine Dance Company is divided into a number of divisions based off of student age, skill level, and the amount of time they devote to dance each week. Please see below for a list of the divisions that make up our company

Mini/Petite Company

3-6 Hours of Dance Per Week; Ages 5-9

Performance Company

4-6 Hours of Dance Per Week; Ages 9-12

Elite Performance Company

5-10 Hours of Dance Per Week; Ages 10-14

Junior, Teen & Senior Company

7-14 Hours of Dance Per Week; Ages 9-18

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How do I join the Sunshine Dance Company?


Does your student love to dance? Are they interested in making a stronger commitment to dance that unifies intense training with artistry and the camaraderie of a team sport? Then the Sunshine Dance Company may be right for you! See below for some steps about how you can get started!


1.) Join our mailing list! If you have not already, please scroll to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our mailing list. This will ensure that when important audition dates and meetings are set, you receive email notifications from us! The SDC Audition Process begins in April/May each year for the coming season, so don't worry if you don't hear from us before then :)

2.) Attend a mandatory SDC Parent Info Meeting! Being a member of the Sunshine Dance Company is a HUGE commitment for both students and parents. Company members are required to take a number of weekly dance classes, attend rehearsals, and participate in other events throughout the year. To make sure that our families understand all these commitments, we require at least one parent of each student who will be auditioning for the team (both returning and new students) to attend a meeting (in late April or early May) with us so that we can lay all of this out clearly for you and answer any questions you may have before auditions. Parent Meeting dates will be announced in early April of each year for the coming season.

​3.) Sign-Up for Auditions! Auditions are REQUIRED for all students (both new and returning) who would like to be part of the Sunshine Dance Company, and take place in mid-June each year. All students will be required to attend two days of auditions for the division(s) they are auditioning for. If you cannot make one or both of the audition days for any reason, please contact us via email to discuss any possible arrangements. Sign-Up links for auditions will be available on this webpage following our Parent Meetings.

4.) Fill Out an Audition Form & Attend Auditions! Each dancer is required to print out and complete a copy of the form for each audition slot they are attending and bring it with them on the first day of auditions! After auditions, company placements and casting information will be sent out within 7 days. Audition forms will be available on this webpage when sign-ups go live!

5.) Attend Auditions! All dancers will attend the audition slots they have signed up on both dates listed above. Dancers are welcome to bring any dance shoes they already own, but no specific shoes are required - especially for our new dancers who may not have them yet! Dancers should also bring a water bottle and wear athletic/dance clothing that they feel comfortable and confident in!

If you have any other questions about joining the Sunshine Dance Company, please don't hesitate to email us at so that we can assist you!

Want to see more? Click here to view more videos of our company choreography and dancers

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Water-Kate #1
Air-Bree #1
Fire-Jordan #3
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